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A night rate can be added for any tariff of your company both at the stage of new tariff configuration and for already set tariffs.

In fact, you can add several “Night rates” within one tariff with custom names to apply at specific times, on set days or dates. Custom names such as “weekend/rush hour/ holiday rate” define the period the specific rate works on. 

To set a “Night rate” for any of your tariffs proceed to tab “Tariffs” of My Hub, open the tariff you intend to apply the “Night rate” for, move to the subtab “Night rates” and tap on it to access configuration settings.

First, name the “Night rate”.

Then, set the days of the week the rate will work on. 

After that, define the rate period “Start and End Time”. 

If needed, link certain holidays to the rate.

Once that is done, fill in “Payment settings” which will apply within this rate period:

flag down fee, per min and per km value and minimum cost.

Finally, press “Save” for the rate to become active.

Customers may review the “Night rates” fares set for each tariff within their customer apps in "Fares" section before submitting an order. 


Consult the article How to manage tariff rates? for tips to add a new tariff and configure its settings.

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