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Company admin can perform bulk operations with drivers such as Suspend/Resume/Delete.

This is handy for big fleet companies where bulk suspension, resumption, removal of drivers in one go is a time and effort savour.

To perform a bulk operation with drivers follow the steps below:

1. access tab “Drivers” in My Hub.

2. select the list of drivers you want to Suspend/Resume/Delete by ticking the checkbox in front of each driver profile.

NB: once all the drivers are selected, the “More items button” in column names line gets activated.

3. tap on “More items button” and select the needed operation: Suspend/Resume/Delete.

4. press “Confirm” on the pop up screen to finalise the operation.

To resume all suspended profiles in one “button click” :

1. apply a filter by “Suspended” status.

2. tick the checkbox “Name” in column names line to select all drivers.

3. select “Resume” in the drop down list available upon pressing on “More items button” at the end of the column names line.

Read more on exported selected driver profiles and data in the article Driver profile data export to CSV

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