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Coupon program is another tool along with Referral program to provide trip discounts for rides. The functionality is aimed at giving discounts to old clients who have used up their referral program option.

To activate a Coupons service, proceed to tab “Applications and services” in My Hub, find “Coupons” in available services and press “SUBSCRIBE”.

Once Coupon service is activated “Promotions” will contain sub tab “Discount coupons” along with “Referral programs”.

To configure a new coupon program press  “ADD”.

Set the program up:

a. put in program name and expiration date if needed. 

Mind that expired coupon programs can not be reactivated.

b. choose if the program will generate “Personal code” or “Shared code”.

“Personal code” means that every coupon code will have a unique combination of symbols. 

“Shared code” means that all the coupons with have the same symbol code. “Shared code” program is great for promotion campaigns on Facebook and other social media.

c. put down the number of coupons to be generated.

d. specify if your program will offer discounts in percent (%) or set values (in company currency) and put in discount value in % or currency.

Select “Free ride” checkbox and the program will generate codes with 100% discounts. 

e. define coupon expiration period.

The expiration period countdown starts from the moment the client adds coupon to his app.

If the coupon program has expired clients will not be able to add new coupons. However, the coupons already in promo tab will be valid until their expiration date.

Once all is done press “ADD” to finalise.

Created coupon program has 2 tabs: PROMO and INITIAL COUPONS.

Tab PROMO allows to review general data on coupons and program statistics.

Statistics helps to analyse the following metrics:

Total number of clients - how many clients have introduced a coupon code into promo tab of their apps.

Number of used coupons - how many coupons have been redeemed/used by clients.

Issued coupons cost - total of all the coupons put into app promo tab by clients.

Used coupons cost - total of all the coupons that have been redeemed/used.

You can terminate a coupon program by selecting “TERMINATE PROGRAM”.

Tab “INITIAL COUPONS” displays initial coupons data: codes and every code status. To generate more coupons for active non expired referrals press “ADD INITIAL COUPONS”. 

Mind that new “Shared coupons” code will have a different combination of symbols from that generated initially. Coupon code symbol selection is random.

Important tips:

1. one client (profile) can use only one code of one coupon program

2. there is no sharing option as in Referral program 

3. coupon discount applies to any tariff of the company and is redeemed in its full value regardless of ride total. Say, the ride is $5 and the coupon is  $6. The remaining $1 is not transferable for next ride. 

4. coupon discount value is added to the driver's balance as a separate transaction right after the trip 

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