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There are 2 types of bookings available in the system:

1. Instant bookings 

2. Preorders 

Instant bookings 

Instant booking is made when a customer needs a ride this very moment. 

Instant bookings are sent to drivers on the requested service type when the pick up is within drivers’ working radius. They are distributed to drivers as per Intelligent queue algorithm.

Driver working radius and location within the company's operational area are pre-conditions to receive instant orders. 

An instant booking notification comes in with a short sound alert. New instant order app screen has a 15 second escalating in volume ringtone.

New instant booking screen color scheme is green.


Pre-order is placed when a customer needs a ride for some time in the future.

Pre-orders are sent to 100 drivers on the service type within company's operational area regardless of driver location. The drivers are selected randomly by the system.

Even if a driver is outside company’s operational area he will still receive new preorders. A driver can go off shift and still receive pre-orders unless  “Receive pre-orders while off shift” is disabled in his preorder tab settings.

A driver receives a notification on the “New pre-order" accompanied by a short sound alert. Main order screen has a 10 second escalating in volume ringtone.

New pre-order screen color scheme is blue.

A driver can either accept pre-order instantly or later from  tab “Pre-orders"  if he finds the job suitable time and location wise. Once accepted by any driver this pre-order disappears from the apps of other drivers. However, received push notification stays till a driver removes it manually.

You can find advice on managing pre-orders in the article Driver tips to handle pre-orders

There are 2 options for the system to send pre-orders:

1. Instant broadcast - pre-orders are sent out to drivers immediately.

2. Delayed broadcast - pre-orders are sent to drivers 2 hours before the pick up time.

Maximum pre-order period is different for various system modules:

Customer app - 30 days

Web desk - 6 months,

Operator app -  1 year

Minimum period for pre-orders set by default is 15 minutes. It means that a customer can pre-book a service 15 minutes in advance to the time of the pick up. 

The system considers any time less than 15 min before pick up as an ASAP order.

You can set custom min period for pre-order from 30 minutes to 96 hours. To do that, first disable instant bookings for the rate.

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