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Our system offers the option of storing favourite addresses of the places frequently used by clients in their customer app.
A customer can create a list of his saved places and name them as he wishes. Later on he will just be able to open the list and choose the pick up/drop off without introducing the address data manually.

The steps to add a new saved place are as follows:

1. Open side menu in the customer app and tap on "Saved places";

2. Tap on "Add place". Type the address which you want to save as a favourite place and choose the desired address from the drop-down list. Alternatively it is possible to set up the favourite address with a point on map;

3. Give this place a custom name. It can be, for instance, home, work, etc. You can also specify the entrance number in the field below;

4. The place will appear on the list of your saved places. Also, these saved places will appear on the app main screen as a list of suggested addresses for your booking.

Take a trip to your favourite places with just a button click!

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