Our system offer the option of storing favourite addresses of the locations frequently used by clients in their customer app.
A customer can create a list of his favourite addresses and name them as he wishes. Later on he will just be able to open the list and choose the pick up/drop off  without introducing the address data manually.



The steps to add a new favourite address are as follows:

  1. Open the customer app and tap on "Set pickup";
  2. Choose a Service type;
  3. Tap on "Add drop off". You will see a list of previously used locations and empty stars opposite them on the right. Select the address you want to add to the favourite locations list and tap on the star;
  4. Choose one of the options: -set as home; -set as work; -enter place name. Let's choose enter place name - fill in the field with the name of your favourite address and press OK;
  5. The location will appear on the list with an orange colored star on the right;

Take a trip to your favourite places with just a  button click!

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