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“City map” in operator app is a unique tool to monitor your drivers and ongoing trips.

It is a multi purpose solution which comprises:

- online visualisation of your fleet;

- actual allocation of drivers within a company’s operational area;

- driver availability and filter per service type;

- driver status tracking (Available vs Busy, Online vs Offline)

- driver search and profile review;

- ongoing order search by “Go to order” feature.

Driver pins and statuses on the map

City map in operator app is activated in operator settings.

Please, proceed with tab Operators in My Hub > Operator settings > Show all drivers on the map.

Once the city map is open the gaze is drawn to the driver pins and their allocation on the map.

The color of a driver’s pin depends on which channel is registered as main in a driver’s profile and on the color set for this Service/Channel in My Hub.

You can set a custom color for each Service type:

Proceed with Service types > choose a particular service type > General settings > Pin color on the map.

The brighter colors scheme you set for your services the more eye-catching the pins are on the City map.

Operator can check a driver’s status by his pin on the city map. There are 3 types of pins on the map:

A solid pin - signifies that the driver is Available and free to take orders

A hollow pin (with a white center) - means that the driver is Busy processing an order.

A fading pin - stands for a driver being offline. This status applies for drivers whose coordinates are not submitted for over 5 minutes.

Driver filter

Service type filter on the sideboard allows to switch off/on a service display on the map and, thus, review driver presence per service type.

An operator can always check availability of drivers for a certain service type in a particular area when he needs to manually assign a driver on a job.

Moreover, the sideboard states the exact number of Available and Busy drivers, or the number of online drivers on this or that service or a total for company. You can also toggle the filter to review only Available or Busy drivers on the map.

Driver clusters

In case there are more than 7 drivers in the same location on the map they are aggregated into clusters. A circle icon represents a cluster and the number of drivers is stated inside the circle. The map is updated every 10 seconds. Clusters are re-configured upon the change of City Map scale.

The border of a cluster is colored as per the service types of the drivers in it. It is monochromic if all the drivers are on the same service and polychromic in case of a multi service representation.

Click on the icon to zoom in the map and review all the drivers in the cluster.

Alternatively, tap on the “zoom in” icon in the bottom right corner of the map.

The cluster shows a total of busy, available, offline drivers in this or that location.

The drivers in a cluster can be filtered by availability and service type (refer to Driver filter section)

Driver profile search and ongoing order review

Driver profile search is available by :

1.A click on a driver’s pin which opens the related driver profile window and vehicle details.

2. Sideboard menu search field that allows to look for drivers and review their profiles/statuses. Search works by:

-Driver name

-Driver phone

-Driver email

-Driver board number

Just start typing the first few letters/numbers into the search field and the filter will provide a drop down list of drivers with matching parameters.

Even if the driver is not Online, but is on the fleet, you can search his profile as well.

If the driver is on the job, a click on his pin will also have a link “Go to order details” which upon click transfers to a specific order window.

Now you are fully equipped with City map features and can use them to full advantage!

To learn more on general order search and trip data analysis mind to study Order routes and booking history operator app.

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