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Your drivers can send credit from their driver balance to their fellow drivers accounts straight from the app!

This feature is great for cases where a company owner does not allow drivers with negative balance to take jobs. 

What if a driver whose balance got below zero while he is on shift does not have a chance to top it up?

A fellow driver can always share his credit with him right via the app with just one button click!

All that the credit sender needs to do is enter the recipient’s plate or mobile phone number, specify the amount and tap ‘Send’.

Drivers can see all transactions as well as the amount of sent and received credit in the transactions history of their apps.  

The owed money can be refunded later by any means. The credit recipient can even send the funds back the same way once he finds the time and resources to top his balance up.

NB: this feature is optional and can be turned on in My Hub > Driver Settings.

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