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Driver report is a perfect tool to assess your drivers KPIs and strategize your fleet management.

A driver report is a database of all your drivers with an efficient layout and display of every driver profile/vehicle details which can be exported or printed out for reference.

The report also gives a clear picture of every driver operations over a certain period.

Based on report showings you can make grounded decisions on a lot of parameters that will determine your further fleet policy. Among others are:

-number of offers a driver accepted, rejected, ignored

-number of orders a driver cancelled 

-total of service and transaction fees that a driver paid as per his plan. 

For example, If you download a report and see that a driver ignores or rejects offers you can contact him to verify the reason. Temporary account suspension might be just the penalty for such cases. While, If the report shows an increase in order cancellations by drivers it might be high time to impose cancellation fees.

Let’s have a look at Driver report values and the meaning behind them:

A. Driver id
Unique identification number of the driver generated by the system

B. Custom key

Internal driver ID which can be set for a driver by a company manager in My Hub

C. Name
Driver name

D. Email
Driver email

E. Phone
Driver phone number

F. Profile state
Driver profile status (active, invited, not activated, suspended, closed). Driver status is visible in Tab drivers of My Hub and can be updated from a driver's profile. For example, a company owner may suspend an Active driver (status will change for Suspended) or delete his profile (such driver will have state "Closed" in the report.

G. Driver license
Driver license number

H. About driver
Note about driver
Is filled in by company owner in a Driver's profile. The purpose may be to distinguish drivers by partner fleets etc.

I. Vehicle type
The main vehicle type the driver works on (Classic, Economy, Business etc.)

J. Vehicle model
Driver car model (Ex: Volkswagen polo)

K. Vehicle color
Driver car color

L. Year
Driver car production year

M. Vehicle plate number
Driver car plate number

N. Vehicle board number
Driver car board number

O. Max passengers
Driver car customer seats number

P. Total orders
Number of orders a driver performed during the reporting period (instant and pre-orders)

Q. Total offers
Number of offers received by the driver during the reporting period. Offers for pre-orderers are added once the pre-order is completed
Total offers = Accepted offers + Rejected offers + Ignored offers (P = Q+R+S)

R. Accepted offers
Number of orders the driver accepted during the reporting period (instant and pre-orders)
Offers for pre-orders are added once the order is completed

S. Rejected offers
Number of orders the driver rejected during the reporting period (instant and pre-orders)

T. Ignored offers
Number of orders the driver ignored during the reporting period (instant and pre-orders)

U. Total balance refill (currency)
Total amount added to/debited from a driver's balance during the reporting period.
It includes the following:

-all successful credit card payments by customers

-all payments via THIRD PARTY payment method

-all successful credit card top ups by drivers

-manual driver account corrections via My Hub (+ and -) 

-promo codes discounts

-driver payout transactions 

V. Total service fees (currency)
Total of “Order fees” according to driver subscription = “fee per period” + “cost per order” total + "driver cancellation fee" 

W. Total transaction fees (currency)
Total of “Transaction fees” according to driver subscription = “cost per transaction” total

X. Paid orders total (currency)
Total amount paid for the orders during the reporting period. Sum of all successful payments for trips by clients (cash + terminal + card + third party).
NB: Tips to driver are not included in this column

Y. Unpaid orders total (currency)
Total amount for all unpaid orders during the reporting period

Number of a driver orders cancelled by the operator for the reporting period

Number of orders cancelled by the driver for the reporting period

Number of orders that ended due to the fact that the customer didn't show up (a driver can choose this reason if the customer doesn't get to the pick up location for more than 5 minutes). For such cases a customer will be charged with a cancellation fee if set. 

Number of orders cancelled if the customer decided not to go. For such cases a customer will be charged with a cancellation fee if set. 

Number of orders cancelled by customer when the driver is late for a pick up (when driver is late for more than 3 minutes (of ETA) and distance from driver to pick up/customer location is more than 200 meters). For such cases a driver is charged with a cancellation fee if set 

Number of orders that are cancelled due to the fact that the driver goes offline for more than 10 minutes


Number of pre-orders which had a driver assigned for them, but the driver didn't arrive at the pickup location to perform this order. This status is assigned to pre-orders in 2 days after the pick-up time requested by the customer.

Number of orders that are finished with “Paid” status 

Number of orders that are finished with “Unpaid’ status

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