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One of the first things we offer our prospects to do is to get a personal experience with our product by registering for a free trial on

You are welcome to explore and navigate the system for a period of 14 days with the account created at registration.

But we have recently received a number of requests from demo account users with a question mark stating the access to their account has been denied although the trial period hasn't expired yet.

The message we get is that they either can't sign in to My Hub :

or their operator app :

Well, we have to assure you that the error does not lie within the system settings or the preliminary blockage of your account.

The about message will only appear if you have several gmail accounts, have forgotten which gmail you used at registration and are trying to sign in with the one not linked to your account.

The solution to the problem is remembering the email you provided at your trial registration and using it when signing in.

So, if you haven't signed into your gmail under another user name the system automatically allows you to access your trial account .

But if you logged out and signed into your gmail as a different user you have to manually tap the data while signing into My Hub or Operator App.

The logical solution to support the above would be to proceed with "Sign in with Google" button and enter the gmail you used at registration

Once the correct data is introduced you will be given a full access to your demo account.

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