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Please, note that we will need full access to your developer account. Thus, we recommend to open it on a gmail different from the one used for your personal correspondence.

Follow these steps to sign up for an Android Developer Account with Google Play:

  1. If you do not have a Gmail Account, see here to create this Gmail Account (email ending with If you have a Gmail Account move on to the next step!

2. Navigate to and sign in with a Gmail Account

3. Select the ‘I Agree’ box for the Google Play Developer distribution agreement

4. Fill in the billing information to pay the registration fee for the new Android Developer Account

5. Enter the information for your Android Developer Account Profile

*Note* Developer name is the Developer name text which will be displayed on the Google Play App Store for all apps published under this Android Developer Account.

6. After the steps are done, please add email and password to your checklist in the "Developer Account details" sheet.

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