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With the help of our automated reports you will save so much time in managing the drivers’ payouts, especially if you have multiple employees. The system will calculate and prepare all the data for the payouts to the driver’s bank account on a daily or weekly basis. The company owner can send this calculation to the bank or save it to make cash payments.

Steps to activate the option:

  1. Send an email to (for Lolo:

  2. Specify the payout configuration info:

  • week day and time the driver report should be generated;

  • min/max sum to be sent to the driver's account;

  • min balance in the driver's wallet;

  • currency;

  • details required for bank transfers in your country (driver bank name, bank account routing number, bank account number etc.).

How it works

As soon as you finish configuration of the feature, you need to subscribe your drivers to any plan so they have 'Payout details' tab in the driver app. After this your drivers submit documents necessary to be on the payout list and wait until you approve them.

How to review the driver’s payout information in My Hub

Once a driver uploads payout documents into the app, it will appear in the Documents tab. Company owner should choose the driver, open his/her profile and review documents submitted. You can approve or reject payout details if some data is incorrect.

Activation of the payout in My Hub

If you are interested, drop us a message on (for Lolo: Configuration fee applies.

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