There are four payment methods you can pay for your ride within our system. A customer will see which methods are available when choosing the service before he presses “Confirm order”. Let us give you some tips on cases when trips can not be finalized due to “no funds” or rejected credit card issue.

Let’s say the customer chooses “Credit card” and the card gets rejected. In such a case the customer can either pay with another Credit card or choose “Other” (if active for this service) and proceed with other available payment methods:

If the payment is finalized one of the ways the reports will show “Paid with card”, “Pay in cash” or “Pay via Terminal” depending on the method chosen by the customer. Rejected transaction will be reflected in the payments report as well.

If the customer cannot pay as above then to finalize the ride the driver will have to report “No funds”. The order report will display such a trip as “Finished Unpaid” with “No funds” reason.

If credit & debit cards payment method is the only available and the card gets rejected, customer will receive “Rejected” notification. In case the customer has no other card, the driver has to handle the case manually and request cash payment.

If automatically charge client’s card is enabled and payment gateway rejects customer's payment, the driver will see the following screen

In such a case the driver will have to finalize the ride by requesting a cash payment.

In all the cases where credit card payment methods are allowed we highly recommend drivers to finalize trips with customers still in the car :

  • wait till credit card payment is processed and the driver app screen confirms it.

  • request cash payments if the credit card is rejected.

Please, be aware that every company owner who activates credit card payments for his account should estimate the risks beforehand and allow a margin for “no credit” or “ fraud” issues which might occur. Should a certain customer abuse the system by using fraud or “no funds” credit cards you can always write to (for Lolo: and request to block the customer's account.

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