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When your branded apps are moved to your Google Play account you need to provide a Service Account for us to be able to automatically update your apps. To do that please follow the steps below:

Login with Owner account to Google Play

Open 'Settings'>'API access'

Click 'Create new project' (if not created earlier)

... when project is created:

Click 'Create Service Account'

Click Navigate to the Google API Console.

You're navigated to Google API Console.

Click 'Create Service Account' at Google API Console.

Enter in 'Service account name' field the name of account like 'Onde Service Account’.

Select Role: Project>Service Account Actor.

Check 'Furnish a new private key’.

Click ‘Create'.

Save downloaded JSON file, send it to support agent.

Return back to Google Play console.

Click 'Done' and ensure the new service account appears in the list.

Click 'Grant access’ button.

Choose 'Release Manager' in 'Role' dropdown (probably is already selected by default).

Set 'Never' in 'Access expire date' (should be selected by default).

Click 'Add user’.

Last step: add as admin to Google Play

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