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Each taxi company has rush hours when demand exceeds supply. Allowing one service type to receive orders of another helps to pass such situations smoothly. That is why we developed this option for our customers.

How to set up

To allow service type A to receive orders of the service type B you need to proceed to the company management >> service types >> service type B >> scroll down in "General settings" tab >> Press "Show additional settings" >> Move slider of Service type A to the right side.
So if you want for Business service type to receive orders of the Economy, go to the Economy service type and allow Business to work on the rate.

How it works

Let’s allow business service type to receive jobs on the Economy rate. Once customer orders Economy cab, first of all the system checks if the there are any available taxis on this rate in the area. As we can see on the picture, two Economy cars are busy and one is available. So the order goes first to the Economy (green car on the map). In case the Economy driver does not take the job and no other taxis on this service are available in the area, the closest free(green) Business car will get the job.

How much the client will pay

Customer always pays for the service type ordered, not the one he/she finally received. Once a Business driver accepts the order, the system will introduce him to the client as an Economy driver. The customer will pay for this ride according to the economy fares. We do not advise to enable the option “Allow next vehicle types to receive jobs on this rate” for the services with higher level.

if a Business driver accepts the order of Economy, the client will see him as an Economy driver

Can my driver reject offer of another service type?

Yes, definitely. Once the the system offers an order to the driver, on the top of the screen it will show a name of the service the client asked. So if the driver accepts the order, he agrees with its fares as well.

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