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If you have the resources to work and promote your branded apps on a broader scale we have just the solution to support you!

You are welcome to have a separate company panel (account) for every city within a country. All the accounts will be united under your brand.

Each panel can have different tariff settings, currencies etc. depending on the city/country.

As for the plans for your new accounts they will be configured to duplicate the settings in Current plan of your main account.

As long as charges are concerned:

  1. adding a new company panel is free of charge.

  2. monthly plan fees will be taken from every active company panel/account.

The procedure of opening another account is as follows:

  1. open a new demo account and configure all the settings for it.

  2. contact your account manager and confirm your consent on setting an account plan in consistancy/concurrent with your main account plan.

  3. we link your branded apps to the new account.

  4. move your panel to production once all the above is agreed with the account manager.

Good luck upgrading your business to a new level!

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