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Our platform is localised into over 40 languages. One can check the full list of languages in My Hub. Proceed to "Company settings" > tap on "Edit" > hover over to "Service language" and open the drop-down list. In case your language is not available, you can request a translation of our products. Just drop a message to (for Lolo:

Driver and customer apps language

Driver and customer apps language depends on the language set in the driver or customer's smartphone. If our system does not support your phone language the app will function in English.

My Hub language

My Hub language depends on the "Interface language" a company manager has selected. To change the interface language access your manager's profile > tap on "Interface Language" option > select the necessary language from the drop-down list of available languages.

Operator app language

Operator app language should be set manually in My Hub tab. Access "Company settings" > tap on "Edit" > move down to "Service language" and select the required language from the drop-down list.

Along with operator app it affects communication mails sent to clients, drivers, operators and the owner.

Web App language

Your Web App interface language depends on the language of the web browser you are using. In case you need to see web booking form in the language different from your web browser, add ?lang=(code of the language according to the ISO 639-1) at the end of your Web App desk URL. If our system does not support language of your browser, Web App will be in English.

If you find any mistake or inaccuracy of the translation, we will appreciate if you forward it to (for Lolo:

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