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How do I book a car via customer app?

Here are the links to apps in My Hub.

  1. Download customer app

  2. Sign up to a customer profile

  3. Click on "Where are you going?" 

  4. Choose needed service type

  5. If needed, add drop off point by clicking on "+" sign near the pick-up address, and a comment for a driver

  6. Confirm order

In this article, you will find a detailed guide on creating orders in customer app.

How do I book a car via operator app?

  1. Open operator app -

  2. Create a new booking from Operator app and accept it on your driver app (by assigning driver manually or just sending an order to everybody).

Detailed explanation on how to do it you may find in the article How to create a new order from operator app

In the next article you will find how to purchase your own branded apps.

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