Register for our free trial version so you can learn more about our system.

  • Sign up with your Google account or enter a non-google email.

*Clicking on the 'Sign Up with Google' you sign up using your account.

* Clicking on the 'Sign Up with email' you sign up using any other email address.

  • Fill in the registration form with the required information.
  • Having completed the form, you can proceed to the registration on the web site.

Please specify:

  1. Name and surname;
  2. E-mail, which you have used for registration;
  3. Password to log in to the company panel;
  4. The city you’re planning to work;
  • Enter your phone number and the code received via SMS.

The registration is complete!

You will be redirected to the company panel.

Introduction to the company panel:

  • "Overview" tab shows general info and all your tools available in one place (dispatch panel, booking apps, driver apps)
  • "Company" tab shows your main company settings.
  • "Drivers" tab allows you to view and manage your drivers, as well as drivers' subscriptions.
  • "Dispatchers" tab allows you to view and manage your operators.
  • "Rates" tab allows you to set your service rates, calculation logic, payment methods.
  • "Reports" tab has all your detailed reports for any period of time.
  • "Billing & Services" tab shows your current plan, balance, all your transactions and allows to manage additional services.
  • "Promotions" tab is showing all your referral program plans.

In the next article you will find how to add a dispatcher.

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