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How to Start Evolving with Onde Solution

 Step by step guide


To start using our solution you will need:

Smartphones and Internet Connection

To do list:

We advise you to get a subscription based Android/IOS phones from your mobile operator. If you layout a plan to buy more for your drivers when the solution is in place, they will be happy to negotiate a good deal for you. We recommend to use smartphones with Android 4.0 and higher or IOS 7.0 and higher.

Since our application needs permanent connection to Internet, as well as uses google maps for navigation, you will need to have a GPRS/3-4G data plan on your mobile subscription. We recommend 3G/4G connection with at least 500Mb/month traffic.


Lease from your local mobile operator from $5/month

Running Driver App

Just run a Driver App and follow the steps. It is easy.

Don’t forget that you need to approve a driver as your driver in Operator App.

Also, a driver needs to be “ON” to see the orders, and to take a break - set “OFF” mode.

Operator Setup

Use given credentials to register a new company in our Operator App. Brand it with your logo and you are good to go!

Next you need to add your drivers, or they can register themselves in Driver App, you just need to approve that they are the drivers working for your company.

Our platform is able to connect to various CTI phone communication solutions. This way during an incoming call the phone number will be automatically identified and inserted in Operator App. And if a customer has already called before - his name and preferences will be shown as well, since we save them and identify by the phone number.

First step is to get IP phones - it is cheaper and easier than the standard phone solution. Just find a local provide and they will do everything for you. Next install one of CTI software packages - your IT guys can easily fix that. Last step is to connect Operator App to CIT software - no worries, we will help you with that.

Go On a Test Drive

Try solution yourself, that will give you the first-hand experience and understanding of all advantages, so that you can place your operations inline.

Make sure also to try it on bunch of test passengers, whether they are your employees, friends, family or just a lucky random travelers. That will give you a bunch of feedback and ideas for future evolution and growth.

Start Getting Orders From Customer App

To start getting orders through customer app your customers need to try the app and see that it is easier than making a phone call. But people are lazy to try new stuff. Therefore we require all taxi companies who work with us give a 10% discount during first year and 5% during second year on all orders made through Customer App. Since at the start only about 10% of orders will be done through Customer App the gross is estimated to be just 1%. That is your driving force towards automation and growth of your business operations.

When your branded app is in place, we will order a bunch of stickers for your taxi drivers. Those stickers have a QR code that will lead to your branded Customer App. It also means that your cabs will always be first in the line when an order is placed from this app. So, make sure to spread your app faster than your competitors!

(by the way, it does not limit the global scale of an application - if your cabs are not around, it will find other cabs, so your passengers won’t be disappointed)

Once your drivers will place 10% discount stickers inside their cabs, customers will download your Customer App and next time they will use it to order a taxi.

Start Evolving

To start evolving you need maximum automation. 10% discount will hook up your customers to your Customer App, but first you need to reach as many of them as possible.

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