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The wallet can be found in the side menu of your branded customer app. All added credit cards are reflected there. Wallet allows you to add credit cards, set new default card or delete an old one.

By default the wallet is empty , so you can add every new credit card by the next steps: tap on “wallet”, select “+” , fill the credit card data and press Add card. Every last added credit card you add is set as “Default” which means that you will be offered to pay by it at the end of your trip if card payment is allowed for this or that service type.

You can set a new default credit card by tapping on the three orange dots at the bottom left corner of the card and pressing “Set as default”. At that instant the Default status will be applied to this card and lost for the old default card.

Delete option is available if you have 2 and more cards only. You can not delete a credit card from your wallet if you have added just one card. Any number of cards can be deleted on condition that at least one stays in the wallet. To delete the card press on the three orange dots at the bottom left corner and choose "Remove".

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