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You can receive payments from the customers in four ways. Some of them are available for in-app orders only and some for operator app, webdesk or 1-click button as well.

Payments with cash and external card terminal

These methods are available for all types of orders. Customer pays at the end of the ride in cash or can make a bank transfer using driver’s terminal. Your driver chooses “Paid with terminal” or “Paid with cash”. The money goes directly to the driver or to the bank account connected with the terminal outside of our system. After the payment the system charges driver’s balance with a subscription fee (if applies).

In-app payments

If your company enables a payment gateway, your customers can add credit/debit cards and use them to pay for the rides. “Credit & debit cards” method allows clients to choose a card and pay for the ride directly from the app. The option “Automatically charge client’s card” allows you to get payment from the customer's card without his/her confirmation. If “credit & debit cards” option is the only available payment method for the service type, the client won’t be able to order it through the webdesk or operator app.

Service types with such payment method settings can be ordered from the customer app with connected credit cards only

How do my customers know about available payment methods?

While making an order through the customer app, the client can see possible ways of payments for each service type. They are listed under the selected service. In case several payment methods are available, the customer can choose a preferable one he/she will use to pay for the ride.

If your customer does not have credit/debit card connected with the app, he/she won’t be able to order a service with only “credit & debit cards” method.

Priority to the credit card payments

The system always prioritizes in-app payments. For example if a customer adds a c/c and orders a service type with cash/terminal and credit card payment methods, so at the end of the ride the system will automatically charge the default card of the client. In case the payment is rejected (tips how to handle such cases are here), the customer app will ask the client to choose another card or payment method. Service types which accept cash/terminal payments only are an exception from this rule.

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