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This article aimed at helping drivers to process pre-orders.

In case of an instant broadcast a submitted pre-order is displayed in driver application along with the beeping sound ring. 

If the driver does not accept it pre-order goes to "Pre-orders" folder. At this state the order can be claimed by any driver.

Each new pre order will be stored in this folder as a list.

If a driver wants to accept one of the pre-orders he should tap on it and select "Accept".

Confirm the message "Pre-order successfully added" by tapping "OK".

Once the pre-order has been taken by any driver it will immediately disappear from the apps of all other drivers who had previous access to it.

30 minutes before the pre-order time the driver will get a push notification "Your next job is in 29 minutes" (if his app is folded) or a ring tone alert (if his app is open).

To start the pre-order the driver should swipe the "Swipe to start the trip".

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