MercadoPago payment gateway process in-app payments in México, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. To connect a company with the gateway merchant, please proceed as follows:

  1. Log into My Hub

  2. Go to your Merchant tab >> Payment gateway. Choose “Mercado Pago” from the drop down list.

  3. Now you need to insert your access token and public key. To get this information, please follow the steps:

  4. Go down the link login with your credentials;

  5. Access Credenciales and choose Checkout personalizado. Copy/paste access token and public key from the Modo Producción window. Please, check the details twice as errors in the merchant credentials are most common reason of failed configurations;                                                             

   5. Do not forget to save the progress;

   6. Once these steps are accomplished, please, contact us on (for Lolo: and request merchant set up;

   7. After all the configurations from support side are done, make a test transaction. Open a driver or customer app wallet and add a card. The following information is requested:

  • card number;

  • cvv;

  • expiry month;

  • expiry year;

  • email;

  • DNI (Personal identification number);

  • holder name.

In case you see “Rejected” / "Oops, something went wrong when we tried to add your credit card" errors, please, verify that the merchant details match the ones stated in the Administrative Block of your MercadoPago account. If all the details are correct, please, send the following information on (for Lolo:

  • Screenshot of the error;

  • ID of the customer or driver account you are using (you can get it from the reports);

  • Exact time and date when the verification attempt took place.

After the credit card is added, but you see “Rejected” error when trying to make a payment, open your Payments report, get ID of the rejected transaction and contact your account manager at MercadoPago.

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