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At the end of the ride a customer is asked to rate his ride from 1 to 5 stars. Star rating allows a concise and efficient feedback from the client with minimum effort from him.

You can find Driver rating by the customer in Order reports. Please, consult our support article How to manage the reports for details on handling reports.

In the Orders report you can activate a filter allowing you to track orders of a particular driver and see how his service was rated by a customer on every trip he has finished.

Star rating allows you to monitor the service quality of every driver on your fleet. So, if a particular driver constantly gets low rating you can track it and instruct him on penalties that you might have to apply if he does not improve the performance.Penalties might include suspension, changes of subscription terms etc.

More advice on handling poor driver rating you can find in our blog article Turning Stories into Dollars: How to Follow up on Poor Rating from Customers

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