1. To do that go to 'Company management' >> 'Merchant account'.
  2. Choose 'Braintree' from the drop down list
  3. Go to your www.braintreegateway.com and login with your credentials.
  4. In Braintree panel go to Account -> API Keys.
  5. Copy "Merchant ID" to Gateway ID in Onde My Hub.
  6. Copy "Public key" and "Private key" to the proper fields.
  7. Copy "CSE key" to CSE key in Onde My Hub.
  8. Copy your Merchant Account ID for the selected currency to "[currency] Account" in Onde My Hub. To find your Merchant Account ID go to Settings -> Precessing, scroll down and you will see your Merchant Account IDs

More details about your merchant credentials you can find in the Braintree payments knowledge base.

The last step - send us a mail to support@onde.app and ask to check and activate a default merchant for your apps. That's it!

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