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Web desk solution - is a website page where to order a taxi you have just to click a button. It works on computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. From our experience, Taxi Button is good for bars and restaurants, while web desk solution is good for hotels.

Web desk main features:

  • Pre-Booking up to 6 months in advance

  • Display a range of vehicle classes

  • Show the approximate pricing and rates

  • Booking multiple trips with web desk

  • The web booking form will auto detect your location within 5 sec.

  • Multiple pickup locations

  • Custom place name

  • The web desk remembers your information if you open the panel with the same browser and computer

  • The orders are enhanced with the trip map and order status

  • The details of each order can be viewed in the form

  • Available in the language of your web browser

In the next article you can find a web desk setup manual.

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