• Driver App installed on your smartphone;
  • Smartphone or tablet with Android version 4.0+ / iOS version 7.0+;
  • Mobile internet (3G/4G) and GPS;
  • Car charger, otherwise the battery will run out in 5-6 hours
  • Confirmed Driver account

Once the driver applied for working in the particular company and was registered in the system, he will become available for receiving jobs.

Log In

  • Provide your phone number and enter the confirmation code received by SMS;
  • You can also sign in using your Google+ Account.

Waiting For Orders

  • Tap the ‘Start shift’ button to indicate you’re online and ready to receive jobs.

If you want to end your shift, first swipe the button to ‘Busy’ status, then tap the ‘End shift’ button.

Switch on the ‘Busy’ status if you, for some reason, are not able to accept orders or left the car, even for 5 min.

  • You can accept jobs within a certain area. Choose your working radius from the radius selection buttons (+ and -).

New Order

  • When a new order pops up, you'll instantly see the client’s pickup location and their distance from you. Tap ‘Accept’ to receive the job.

In case the driver didn’t manage to accept the incoming job within 15 sec he can still place a bid entering the max time in minutes he needs to arrive to the pickup location.

Driving to Client

  • When you arrive, tap ‘Arrived’, which will automatically send a notification to the client.

Waiting for the Client

  • When the client has arrived, tap ‘Start a Ride’.

No Passenger

Tap on the profile icon to ­see the passenger’s info. You can call the passenger by tapping on the provided phone number.

If the client doesn't appear in 5 minutes and doesn’t respond, click on the CANCEL button.

Arriving at Drop Off

Once the ride has ended, tap ‘Finish’ to end the ride.

  • Tap ‘Confirm total’ and wait for the payment.

You will see the ‘Waiting for the payment’ notification at the top of the screen. As soon as the client makes the payment with the card, the notification changes to ‘Paid with the card’. Otherwise, you have to specify the payment method used by the client: Cash or Terminal.

That's it!

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