Referral campaigns is based on “word of mouth” principle, which is the most effective way to gain quality users.

Onde referral system allows you to motivate users to share the app in a flexible way. First of all you can configure the motivation for referral and referee. Then you can create as many different referral campaigns as you want, targeting them on a specific group of people, events, corporates, etc.

Referral user acquisition is an organic way to attract new users. It works night and day with no action needed, and it gives a constant organic flow of new users.

Referral programs is a fully automated marketing engine that is more cost-effective than advertising or any regular marketing tool.

The new user acquisition is done through reference - referral holders invite their friends, who can invite friends too.

The campaign is launched with initial coupons, that have to be given to the initial group of people who will start spreading the app.

There are 3 ways to configure rewards for referral and referee:

  1. Referral gets a coupon when invited. When referral takes a first ride referee gets coupon as well.
  2. Referral gets a coupon when invited. Referee doesn’t get any reward.
  3. Referral doesn’t get any reward. When referral takes a first ride referee gets coupon.

Please download the latest version of the referral programs guide (the long read).

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